Splinter is a rock band from Holland and consists of 5 ambitious musicians. Each band member has a different musical background. Therefore the music of the group is oftendescribed in reviews as ‘a new style on its own’.

Splinter started out writing material in the ‘progrock’ style. Even though magazines in this genre were very enthusiastic, the band unconsciously changed and headed for a more commercial style of writing. The music became less complicated and more sensitive, without becoming simple. The lyrics of Splinter often describe deep inner feelings we all have in daily life.

Mothers’ Finest guitarist John Hayes produced Splinters first demo 'Reflections',
which was received with extremely positive acclaim in magazines like Oor,
Aardschok, Background Magazine and iOpages, to name just a few. Also, the band went on tour in the Dutch club circuit as support act for Hayes’ group Maxima. After that they recorded most of their repertoire for the unofficial release 'The Devil's Jigsaw'. Again, critics were extremely positive about this so called‘collection of demo songs’. Later that year, the band played a gig as support act for the ‘supergroup’ Karmakanic, featuring former Yngwie Malmsteen-vocalist Goran Edman, and did a short tour with the Swedish band The Flower Kings. As a result the band gained a solid fan base.

The most important step was taken when topproducer Jonas Reingold suggested to record their debut album 'Dreamers' with him which received an album of the month status in Brazilian and English magazines.







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